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  • For seven consecutive years, the market share ranked first. How did this paint company achieve that?

    Relevant data show that the global powder coatings market is expected to reach 12.48 billion US dollars by 2020. With the growth of automobile industry and electronics industry, Asia-Pacific region will become the largest powder coatings consumer market. As the largest producer of powder coatings in the world and the largest producer of powder coatings for automobiles, China is expected to become the main consumer of powder coatings in the future.

    At the same time, the development direction of powder coatings industry is closely related to national policies. With the improvement of national environmental protection, fluorocarbon powder coatings may become an upgraded substitute for solvent-based coatings. The state continuously strengthens environmental protection, and the development of fluorocarbon powder coatings may be accelerated. In line with the national policy, 雷竞技iphone版-雷竞技raybet电脑版-雷竞技官网手机版下载 devotes itself to the development and production of high-performance environmental protection coatings, mastering high-tech, introducing advanced production equipment. With the good market performance of fluorocarbon coatings products, the market share of 雷竞技iphone版-雷竞技raybet电脑版-雷竞技官网手机版下载 has been continuously increasing in recent years.

    Under the general leadership and command of Chairman You Dongshengyou, the explosive growth of Jin Gaoli powder coatings was 35% in 2017. By the end of 2017, the annual sales of fluorocarbon coatings (the project curtain wall area is about 350 million square meters) accounted for 40% of the national market share, ranking first in the market share for seven consecutive years. Powder coatings 15,000 tons (project curtain wall area is about 300 million square meters), the market share for seven consecutive years ranked the top four. In addition, it also supplies 2000 tons of diluents and 100,000 tons of raw materials such as resins and pigments for foreign-funded coatings enterprises in Europe and the United States.


    At the same time, 雷竞技iphone版-雷竞技raybet电脑版-雷竞技官网手机版下载 has integrated the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the industry. In 2016, 雷竞技iphone版-雷竞技raybet电脑版-雷竞技官网手机版下载 built a modern raw material production base covering 90,000 square meters in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province. It mainly produces various resins, additives, pigments for paint and powder. It has opened up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and can provide better and better products for customers. It also lays a solid foundation for further development of 雷竞技iphone版-雷竞技raybet电脑版-雷竞技官网手机版下载.

    As a pioneer in the field of fluorocarbon coatings, 雷竞技iphone版-雷竞技raybet电脑版-雷竞技官网手机版下载 has maintained a good momentum of vigorous development and made a new layout of production base and service network. At present, 雷竞技iphone版-雷竞技raybet电脑版-雷竞技官网手机版下载 has branches and production bases in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Chengdu, Henan, Shandong, Jiangxi and Xinjiang, and has offices and color matching in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Hubei, Shandong, Shaanxi and Fujian. The center has also established 雷竞技iphone版-雷竞技raybet电脑版-雷竞技官网手机版下载's leading position in the layout of fluorocarbon coatings.


    Over the past few years, the state has encouraged the development of environmentally friendly coatings. Jin Gaoli Group has increased the technical development and market promotion of mass production of powder products with renewal, energy saving, environmental protection, high quality and high efficiency. At the same time, it has actively opened up new businesses and markets. In addition to the continuous and deep development in the field of fluorocarbon coatings, Jin Gaoli Group's special powder coatings for building materials are also widely used in major domestic aluminium industries. Profile factory, large-scale aluminium curtain wallboard manufacturer. Among them, under the background of severe overall environmental protection situation, after long-term research and development and experiment by R&D personnel of Jin Gaoli Group, a new type of environmentally friendly fluorocarbon powder coatings which can replace solvent fluorocarbon coatings has been introduced. It has also received professional curtain wall consultants from various regional building curtain wall associations such as Shenzhen Building Doors and Windows Curtain Wall Association, Shanghai Building Society Building Curtain Wall Professional Committee and professional curtain wall consultants. Companies such as East China Institute of Design and Research, Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design and Research, as well as Hengda, Vanke and other well-known real estate companies affirm and praise.


    PVDF (modified, fluorine content is higher) powder coatings have the characteristics of no need to adjust paint, direct use; only one coating, easy operation; not only horizontal spraying, but also vertical spraying; because of its higher fluorine content, fluorocarbon powder coatings have better self-cleaning performance than fluorocarbon coatings, and its product performance completely meets or even exceeds the AAMA2605 standard. While satisfying the different needs of customers, 雷竞技iphone版-雷竞技raybet电脑版-雷竞技官网手机版下载 upgrades its products continuously by technological innovation. In the environment of intensified competition, 雷竞技iphone版-雷竞技raybet电脑版-雷竞技官网手机版下载 can achieve upside-downs, which can not be separated from the deep development of strategic layout. Clear market positioning also plays a vital role.


    Due to the severe situation of environmental protection, the requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more stringent, especially for VOC emission from volatile organic solvents. Mr. You, chairman of Jin Gaoli Group, is far-sighted. He believes that replacing solvent-based coatings with powder coatings will be the mainstream direction of the current market and the future development of the industry. The best way to improve the gold content of powder coatings technology in China and make China a powerful power of powder coatings is to develop and cultivate new and high-end powder coatings application market. Jin Gaoli Group has set up a R&D team composed of professional talents. It is increasing investment in R&D technology and cooperating with international excellent peers strategically. It hopes to develop more environmentally friendly and high-quality powder coatings products in the near future, and contribute its own strength to the development of the industry and the growth of national brands.